Weekend Crafts!

This weekend I crafted a few things for the baby's room! We've been buying and receiving a lot of clothes and since there are so many sizes I wanted to create some closet dividers. I love how they turned out! I created a template on PhotoShop, printed the PDF file onto a full sheet of label paper, cut them out, and then stuck them on the dividers. I used the blank closet dividers from The Container Store. I want to experiment a bit more with creating these dividers and am hoping to be able to add them to my Etsy shop sometime soon! My second craft this weekend was a hair bow holder. I wanted to create a piece that we could display on the wall in order to add some color to the room. I created a framed hair bow holder using an 11 x 14 open back frame that I found at Michael's. I … [Read more...]


Baby McClure is a…

GIRL! :) Scott and I found out a little over a month ago that we are expecting a baby girl. It was quite the process to figure out her gender... I had my 20 week ultrasound with my doctor and we were so excited to find out if our baby was a boy or a girl. Well, the baby did not want to cooperate that morning and was curled up into a ball as low as she could get! It didn't help that we were an hour late being sent back to the ultrasound lab... We sat in the waiting room forever and somehow my chart was never sent back. The doctor told me that we could try for gender again in 4 weeks. There was no way I could wait 4 more weeks! A friend of mine told me about a place near our house called Baby's First Images. For a very small price we got to book a 3-D ultrasound and find out the gender. I … [Read more...]