National Board Certification: Early Childhood-Generalist

So, what is National Board Certification? Watch this video to find out.

This is the official website of NB where you can download general portfolio instructions, certificate-specific instructions, scoring guides and rubrics, find state-specific information, access My Profile, and contact NB directly with questions and concerns. You can also follow NBPTS on Facebook and Twitter.

This website is a gold mine!!! If I had to recommend one resource for National Board Certification, THIS WOULD BE IT. This website has become so special to me, as I began the NB journey completely alone and with NO IDEA of what I was getting myself into! I can still remember the day that I joined… February 19, 2011. It was on this day that I began really thinking about pursing NB and I finally got up enough courage to download the portfolio instructions for EC-GEN. I began browsing the web for resources, found this website, and immediately joined. It has been worth every penny and I will be a member for many years to come!

For $40.00 a year, you get a library of resources to use and refer to with each NB portfolio entry and Assessment Center exercise. There are recommended books to help you along the way and the BEST part of this website is the forum and weekly chats. Kelly, the owner of the website, along with many other wonderful NBCTs, put in countless hours each week helping guide candidates along the way. The forum section of this website is PHENOMENAL! There are categories for everything NB and if you have a question you just log-on, ask your question, and within a short amount of time you will receive a response from a NBCT or fellow candidate. There are weekly chats held every Saturday that help NB candidates “dig deeper” into their portfolio instructions and entries. ECGEN.ORG supports candidates in the following certificate areas: Early Childhood-Generalist (EC-GEN), Middle Childhood-Generalist (MC-GEN), and Early Childhood / Middle Childhood Literacy.

I would not be a National Board Certified Teacher today if it were not for Kelly and her crew at They helped guide me along the way and it is my privilege now to pay it forward by helping other candidates in the forums and weekly chats. I have met mentors and made lifelong friends through this process and website, and am most definitely a better teacher because of it.

The NB forum at ProTeacher is very active during each candidate cycle. You can join ProTeacher for free and ask questions in the IRIS ROOM. This room is dedicated to NB candiates and there are many knowledgeable NBCTs who regularly browse the message board to provide support and guidance for candidates.

WHAT WORKS!: Successful Strategies for Pursuing National Board Certification

By: Bobbie Faulkner

Elegant and Accomplished Teaching: A Guide to National Board Certification for the Early Childhood Teacher

By: Susan Finn Carter

Play: The Pathway from Theory to Practice

By: Sandra Heidemann & Deborah Hewitt

If you have questions, please contact me here. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have! I wish you the best of luck on your journey towards National Board Certification!