Halloween Hoopla!

Our class had so much fun during Halloween this year! We were excited for cool Fall weather, pumpkins, and all of the excitement that comes with Halloween. To begin the excitement, we created a Pumpkin Glyph. A glyph is a pictograph that uses pictures or other features/attributes to show information and data. The students created their Pumpkin Glyph based on various criteria including: age (even or odd), Halloween plans, costume, feelings about Halloween (like, love, don't like) and favorite Halloween treat. Click here to download the Pumpkin Glyph directions. On Halloween, the students got to dress-up as their favorite story-book character. We had Harry Potter, Miss Frizzle, a vampire, cowboy, and Pinkalicious visit our classroom! We also had a super fun Halloween treat … [Read more...]


Fact Families!

We have been learning all about Fact Families! Our class would like to give a GREAT, BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Turner for making our Fact Family House graphic organizer. Our room mom volunteers are SO, SO, SO creative!             © Dimple Prints We used our Fact Family House graphic organizer for figuring out Fact Family puzzles. We learned that each Fact Family has two addition problems and two subtraction problems. During our Guided Math time, we completed a Fact Family Workbook for lots of practice! Theses materials were found on TPT and were created by The Teacher Wife. … [Read more...]


Addition Fun!

We have had a blast learning about addition! We started our unit off by learning how to draw a picture to solve an addition problem. The students worked on this task with a partner. Each group had to read their story problem, draw a picture, and then write the number sentence. Each group did such a great job! … [Read more...]