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This week we made it to 200 fans on Facebook! Thank you so much for your support of my blog Learning is a Journey! To celebrate this milestone, I will be giving away your choice of 3 products from my TeachersPayTeachers store. All you have to do is enter to win below! a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]


Moore Relief Effort

Teachers from all over the country have come together to help out with the Moore Relief Effort! Donate to the relief effort through Teachers Notebook and receive up to $1500 in teacher resources. I have donated my Literacy Centers for Parents: Tips & Tricks for Learning at Home. There are so many wonderful resources that have been donated! What a great way to help out the tornado victims as all proceeds will go to local relief efforts! Click on the photo below to donate today! … [Read more...]


Super Sale!

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Daily 5 Book Study: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 was all about Read to Someone and Listen to Reading. **Please note that the following is only my opinion and thoughts on how I implement D5 in my classroom. These thoughts and ideas are not endorsed by the 2 sisters or their publisher Stenhouse. I am learning so much from our book study! I have implemented D5 for two years in my classroom, however this year I want to follow the format exactly. I have had several DonorsChoose projects funded that aid my students in implementing the following portions of Daily 5. The sisters begin this chapter by laying out the framework of lessons for Read to Someone. These lessons consist of: EEKK, Voice, Check I Read, You Read How to choose books Choosing your classroom spot How to choose a partner Coaching or Time I love … [Read more...]


Memorial Day Sale!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has had a safe and fun weekend. In honor of Memorial Day, everything in my TPT store is 20% off! Here are a few of my favorite items... … [Read more...]


Classroom Awards!

Every year I look forward to recognizing my students unique abilities on Awards Day! I  have the students nominate each other for awards and then I use their suggestions when choosing awards for each student. It amazes me how the students put a lot of thought into their nominations and they usually match up pretty well with the award that I had in mind for each student. I also give out an award for Perfect Attendance and the top 2 AR readers in our classroom. This year I decided to create my own awards. I made these on Sunday and I LOVE how they turned out. I can't decide which set I like better... the chevron pattern or the stripes? This packet includes 33 awards including Perfect Attendance for grades K-3, AR Super Star, Marvelous Mathematician, Handy Helper, Peer Teacher, and many … [Read more...]


Summer Bucket List!

Summer is right around the corner and I am joining Teri, Hadar, and April in the Summer Bucket List Linky Party! Since we are moving to a NEW school in August I am SO excited to have this opportunity to organize my teaching materials. Every box that I have packed so far is organized and I have purged and given away many items that I just do not need anymore. This summer I am working on organizing ALL of the books in my classroom library. I am using the Scholastic Book Wizard to level my books A-Z and I am entering all of my books into Shelfari. I am so excited to use Shelfari in my classroom next year! I have already began tagging my books and I love that if I want to know what books I have available for "Back to School," I just click on the tag and I can easily see them and know … [Read more...]


Fun with Compound Words! {freebie}

We had SO much fun learning about compound words! The students learned that a compound word is made when two words are put together. Pan + Cake = Pancake! I showed the students how to use their hands for this and they LOVED it! I noticed so many of them putting one hand out, two hands out, and then CLAP together to make a compound word! I made Compound Words Flip Books for the students to practice creating and reading Compound Words. The students cut out their words and then we stapled them onto their book. They created two books of compound words that included the words house and hand. The students took turns reading their books to partners and identified each word using their hands. Hand + Shake = Handshake! Dog + House = Doghouse! We also completed "Illustrate the … [Read more...]


Love to Joplin, MO

Last night I came across Mrs. Wills Kindergarten Blog. Mrs. Wills is from Missouri, and this week she was contacted by Erica, a sweet Kindergarten teacher in Joplin, Missouri. In May 2011, the city of Joplin was torn apart by an F5 tornado. Many of their schools were destroyed and the teachers there were left with nothing. Irving Elementary School in Joplin, MO Seeing the devastation that these teachers and students have had to endure, reminds me how lucky our Mableton family really is. As I watch new Mableton being built each day, I know that as a school and community we have so much to be thankful for. I wanted to help out so I sent all of my TPT units to Erica in Joplin. I hope she will find some use for them and that they can help other teachers as well. If you would like to send … [Read more...]