Daily 5 Book Study: Chapter 2

I've just returned from a trip to the beach! It was so nice to read chapter 2 of The Daily 5 while sitting on the balcony drinking my coffee! **Please note that the following is only my opinion and thoughts on how I implement D5 in my classroom. These thoughts and ideas are not endorsed by the 2 sisters or their publisher Stenhouse. When setting up the structure for D5, the sisters list the following as their core foundations: Trusting Students Providing Choice Nurturing Community Creating a Sense of Urgency Building Stamina Staying Out of Students' Way Trust When I first began D5 in my classroom, trusting students was very hard for me. I kept thinking that if I didn't continually "check" on the students, how would they stay on task? Surely if I left them alone and … [Read more...]


Class Dojo!

My friend Caroline recently introduced me to a wonderful classroom resource, Class Dojo! Class Dojo is an online tool for managing student behavior. The students can earn positive behavior points toward classroom rewards and they can also lose behavior points for off-task behavior. Each student must earn 20 behavior points in order to receive a reward. The students may earn positive behavior points for: participation, helping others, creativity, stating an interesting point, hard work, working well with others, wonderful hallway manners, neat handwriting, working quietly at their center, being an excellent reader, being an amazing mathematician, being ready to learn, following directions, and being quiet as a mouse. The students may lose behavior points for: disrupting others, being … [Read more...]