December Currently! {2014}


LISTENING: I’m listening to Sarah’s favorite TV show… Sid the Science Kid!

LOVING: I love watching Sarah learn and grow each day. She will be 18 months old this Wednesday! This past month she has learned lots of new words, knows how to throw trash away in the kitchen, invented a few more dance moves, gives kisses, and has become obsessed with stickers!


THINKING: I cannot stop thinking about how excited I am about the Polka Dot Parlor new site launch! I began working with Staci from Quirky-Bird about a year ago on updating my website. I always wanted to build my brand from the ground up with a custom web design and Staci has done a phenomenal job! We are getting close to the finish line and I am hoping to go live with lots of new products by January 1st!

WANTING: I am wanting to go for a run! It is SO nice outside today… Sarah and I might venture out to one of the city parks!

NEEDING: I am needing to organize our guest room and office! We moved to Auburn, AL about a month ago and it’s the last room on my list…

GIVING: I am giving away some awesome deals and discounts in all of my shops for CYBER MONDAY!


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  1. 1

    WDE!!!!! Love your store- so many cute gifts for the holidays! I might take you up on your stamp offer- what a steal!

    Always nerdy,

  2. 2

    How exciting for you! I know what it’s like to build a brand (in the middle of it with Kids Menu Books) but looks like you are more experienced with time–my products (books) are still in progress. If you only have a few places to organize after moving a month ago I think you are doing great! We moved about two years ago and I still have one closet yet to be organized with boxes that haven’t needed to be opened. My little ones enjoy Sid too : ) Nice meeting you through the linky!


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