Baby McClure is a…

GIRL! 🙂 Scott and I found out a little over a month ago that we are expecting a baby girl. It was quite the process to figure out her gender… I had my 20 week ultrasound with my doctor and we were so excited to find out if our baby was a boy or a girl. Well, the baby did not want to cooperate that morning and was curled up into a ball as low as she could get! It didn’t help that we were an hour late being sent back to the ultrasound lab… We sat in the waiting room forever and somehow my chart was never sent back. The doctor told me that we could try for gender again in 4 weeks.

There was no way I could wait 4 more weeks! A friend of mine told me about a place near our house called Baby’s First Images. For a very small price we got to book a 3-D ultrasound and find out the gender. I drank a Mountain Dew right before my appointment to make sure the baby was wide awake! It took the ultrasound tech less than a minute to tell us that our baby was a girl. The images from the 3-D ultrasound are amazing! I would love to go back at a later date to get another one!


Our baby girl at 20 weeks.

Our nursery is officially a work in progress! We painted the room a cheerful green that we thought would work for a boy or a girl. The walls in this room were in desperate need of some paint!





We’ve chosen a few items for the nursery. Our furniture has been delivered and we’ve ordered a glider and bedding for the  crib. We purchased our crib and double dresser at Georgia Baby and Kids. If you live in Georgia you should definitely check this place out! The customer service there is amazing and they were so helpful and patient as we looked and looked until we found exactly what we wanted. The crib and double dresser are made by Baby’s Dream and they are both part of the Renaissance Collection.


Baby’s Dream Renaissance Crib


Baby’s Dream Renaissance Double Dresser


Little Castle Capri Glider

We just returned last weekend to Georgia Baby and Kids to look for a glider. We decided on a glider from Little Castle called Capri (pictured above). We opted for the recliner version vs. purchasing an ottoman. We chose the Vera pattern for our glider (shown below).


Little Castle Vera Pattern

Ever since I’ve been searching for baby bedding I have kept coming back to the Kumari Garden pattern on Etsy. I love the colors featured in this bedding and can’t wait for it to arrive. I ordered the bedding as shown below from Little Charlie May.


Kumari Garden Bedding from Little Charlie May

We have so many things on order right now! I am so excited for them to get here! I can’t believe we only have 3 more months to get the nursery ready for our little girl…

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