We’re having a baby!

Scott and I have been married for almost 2.5 years. We always said that we would want to be married at least two years before having kids. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary this past June and decided we wanted to start trying for a baby in September. On October 1st, I took a pregnancy test (4 days early) and this is what I saw!


A few weeks later, I got a sinus infection. I went to see my general doctor and she was able to confirm my pregnancy!


 I am now 20 weeks pregnant! We have been to the doctor three times so far. We were able to see the baby at week 10 and 12. I’ve been feeling great so far! During the first trimester, I was never sick. I only lost my appetite at night and I slept a lot! Now that I’m into the second trimester, I feel so much better. I’ve started walking a lot and am happy to have my energy back!


Baby McClure at Week 10


Baby McClure at Week 12

I go back to the doctor on Friday and we get to find out if Baby McClure is a BOY or a GIRL…???

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    Congrats! We just had no. 5 almost 3 months ago…children are a blessing. Remember that when you start to lose your patience!

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