Online Shopping & Windsocks!

One of my favorite things is when I get home and I have a package waiting on my doorstep! My husband says I *might* be a little obsessed with online shopping… So, it’s a good thing I have my own web boutique! You can follow it on Facebook! When I opened my web store  almost 3 years ago, I wanted to offer my customers some of my favorite things. One of my all-time favorite companies is PSA Essentials. I LOVE their products. If you’ve never heard of PSA, they sell THE.BEST. personalized stampers. One of my on-going projects this year is organizing my classroom library, so I ordered a stamp to personalize all of my books. I love how it turned out!

McKay Personalized Stamp

I also ordered a few more goodies for my classroom… I got an alignment tool for changing out the stamp body, a black & lime ink cartridge, and a few Peel & Stick packs. The Peel & Stick packs are awesome because you can mix-and-match your stamp design!

I ordered the Vanilla Alphabet, Anchor’s Aweigh, and Life’s a Beach Peel & Stick Packs. I plan to use the beach packs to match my classroom theme… on student work, folders, etc., and I want to use the Vanilla alphabet to label my books on the inside Levels A-Z.

Anchors Aweigh Peel & Stick Pack

Life’s a Beach Peel & Stick Pack

Vanilla A-I Peel & Stick Pack

I want to give away a stamp to a lucky reader once my Facebook page hits 200 fans! In the meantime, here are some photos of my sweet kiddo’s with their windsocks! We’ve been learning about weather instruments and the students had a blast creating and testing their own windsock!

Emilie showing the temperature on a thermometer.

Gabe with our rain gauge.

{Fun with Windsocks} Aren, Denilson, Gabe, Skyla, and Kilee

{Fun with Windsocks} Dawson, Paul, Emilie, and Jesse

{Fun with Windsocks} Mariana, Kiyrah, Cooper, and Kayla

{Fun with Windsocks} McKaden, Nathaniel, Dennis, and Nazir

{Fun with Windsocks} Kymali, Malachi, Adrian, Tanner, and Cornelius



  1. […] There are so many ways to use Peel and Stick Packs! You can use them to change out your address stamp design, as a theme for invitations, or as a tool to create party decorations! The possibilities are endless! I just love these little cupcake toppers that were created using the Little Bunny Peel and Stick Pack. As a teacher, I have also used Peel and Stick packs in my classroom to stamp student work, folders, and notebooks. The students really get a kick out of stamping things themselves and I found it to be a great motivator! To read more about how I have use Peel and Stick packs in my classroom, click here. […]

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