Daily 5 Book Study: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 was all about Read to Someone and Listen to Reading. **Please note that the following is only my opinion and thoughts on how I implement D5 in my classroom. These thoughts and ideas are not endorsed by the 2 sisters or their publisher Stenhouse.

I am learning so much from our book study! I have implemented D5 for two years in my classroom, however this year I want to follow the format exactly. I have had several DonorsChoose projects funded that aid my students in implementing the following portions of Daily 5.

The sisters begin this chapter by laying out the framework of lessons for Read to Someone. These lessons consist of:

  • EEKK, Voice, Check
  • I Read, You Read
  • How to choose books
  • Choosing your classroom spot
  • How to choose a partner
  • Coaching or Time

I love the idea of having the students use “check marks” for Check for Understanding. I have never had my students check for understanding before, but I can see the benefits. If we spend time teaching reading strategies to children, why not hold them accountable for using these strategies when reading independently or with a partner? I also love the idea of using a Coaching sheet with the students. I think this would hold each of them accountable for peer teaching and add meaning to the task of Read to Someone.

All of my students know their independent reading level, so they become very good at choosing “good fit” books. I have spent all summer organizing my books by level {A-Z}. I have a book bin for each level and each book has a sticker label on it so the students can easily return the book to it’s proper bin. I had these bins and books for levels A-J donated from a DonorsChoose project!

I’ll be adding the book bin labels and sticker labels to my TpT store soon! I hope to have them posted by this weekend!

I have always had a listening center in my classroom. There are several ways that I implement this and many of these items are projects that I’ve funded through DonorsChoose or by other classroom donors.

Listening Center for Books on Tape

My students listen to books on tape. I also have a CD player that my students use with headphones.



Storyline Online

Cookie Games for Kids

Tumble Books for Kids

Many of these websites have books that will read stories aloud to the students. You can use these websites on computers or iPads!

Listen to Reading using Leapsters

My students also listen to reading on Leap Pads, Leapsters, and TAG Pens from LeapFrog.

Listen to Reading using TAG Pens

I can see how Listen to Reading is the part of D5 where students are easily engaged! When I first received my Leap Pads, I remember sitting in the floor of my classroom playing the games for at least 30 minutes! There are so many ways to incorporate this into any classroom! What are some things that you do?

Thank you to Melissa at Dilly Dabbles, Mechele at Barrow’s Hodgepodge, and Kelli at Castles and Crayons for hosting this chapter! Please leave a comment or link up with your thoughts on Chapter 5 below!



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    Great ideas and resources Bethany! I really need lots of work in this area:) I will probably refer back to this page as I start setting up my class. Mahalo!

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    you shoud put a pictrure of the callases ar goal

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    what hpened to my pictrue and what did you do over the sumer

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      Bethany McClure says:

      Your picture is on the post called Mystery Readers. This summer I went to the beach and to Washington, D.C. I got to see the White House!

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