New ways to follow!

With the end of Google Friend Connect came a few headaches for us non-blogspot users. I have searched to the ends of the Internet to see if there was any way to save my GFC widget. There’s not. ☹

So, for those of you that followed my blog via GFC – THANK YOU! I hope you will continue to follow my posts via your Google/RSS reader. With the end of GFC, came a tiny problem for me… Previously, I had the option to click on a member’s photograph and link to their profile/teaching blog. Now that GFC has gone away, I have no option for connecting with my readers! I love getting to know the readers of my blog and hope that you will consider keeping in touch via one of the ways listed below!

Follow on Facebook! I have decided that one of the easiest ways to notify readers of blog updates is via Facebook. I will post all links back to the blog on this page. If you “like” our page, you will automatically be notified of updates via your Facebook Timeline!

Follow on Twitter! I will post all links to blog updates via Twitter. You will automatically be notified of any updates via your Twitter dashboard.

You can follow by email or add the feed to your favorite RSS reader. You can find these options located in the header of the blog and they are also located in the sidebar. Just click on the picture of the envelope (email) or the feed (RSS) and you are all set!

Whatever your preferred method for staying up-to-date is, THANK YOU! I appreciate all of your comments, questions, and interest in my First Grade class! I love using this blog as a way to connect with the parents of the students in my class, as well as other primary grade teachers. My students love using our blog as a means to showcase the wonderful learning they accomplish in our classroom every day! We love learning and we loving sharing it with you!


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