I shipped the box!

Yesterday was a huge day for me… I shipped my National Board Certification portfolio box! (Well… I had my husband take it to FedEx for me. I was exhausted!) I have been preparing for this day since April 1, 2011… I have put my heart into a years worth of writing, analyzing, describing, reflecting, bettering, and video taping my teaching practice. It was a bit hard to let go of “the box!” I feel like there is something missing now! Not for long though… after Spring Break I will begin to study and prepare for the written portion of the certification process!

Thank you SO much to my sweet class for helping me prepare the best videos to send in and for always doing your best during our Harriet Tubman unit and inquiry lessons on Magnets! Also, a great, BIG thank you to the wonderful parents who helped me out during this process. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for taking the time to complete my surveys that I sent home and for always sending your kind words!

This was a bit ago, but still too cute not to post. Here are the cutest 100 year old’s you’ve ever seen! We made these on the 100th day of school with torn paper. Aren’t they adorable?!



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    First Grade Blue Skies

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