Fun with Compound Words! {freebie}

We had SO much fun learning about compound words! The students learned that a compound word is made when two words are put together. Pan + Cake = Pancake! I showed the students how to use their hands for this and they LOVED it! I noticed so many of them putting one hand out, two hands out, and then CLAP together to make a compound word!

I made Compound Words Flip Books for the students to practice creating and reading Compound Words. The students cut out their words and then we stapled them onto their book. They created two books of compound words that included the words house and hand. The students took turns reading their books to partners and identified each word using their hands. Hand + Shake = Handshake! Dog + House = Doghouse!

We also completed “Illustrate the Compound Word” from Life in First Grade. Check it out here.  Beto did a great job on his work and wanted to make sure his mom could see it on the blog!

Want to use my Compound Words Flip Books in your classroom? Click on the picture below to download. I am working on a larger packet for TPT and TN that will include more flip books, picture cards, and response pages! Commercial license for font by Lettering Delights. Graphics created by Danielle Engebretson of Danielle Engebretson Designs.


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