12 on the 12th {april}

Doodle Bugs Teaching is hosting a “12 on the 12th” linky party! Here are 12 random photographs from today, April 12, 2012.

1. Coffee! My favorite part of every morning!

2. Today I heard the question “How many days of school are left?” To answer this question we created a construction paper chain. On one side the students wrote “There are ____ days of school left.” On the other side they wrote one of their favorite things they have learned in 1st grade. I had a proud teacher moment when Quincy said, “Oh yeah! I’ve got about a thousand things I can write!” Only 29 days left.

3. Who’s Our Mystery Reader? I’ve been working on these posters and finally had the students use them today. I listed five clues about our Mystery Reader and then the students used sticky notes to make their own guess! They are excited to see who our guest will be tomorrow!

4. Labels! (Coming soon to TPT!) Since we are moving to a new school next year, I am taking this opportunity to super-organize my classroom! I am organizing all of my books by levels (A-Z) and listing them all on Shelfari. I love how I can tag them and then see all of the books that I have available on a certain topic!

5. I have the MOST awesome student teacher! We have been so lucky to have Miss Sullivan work with our class this semester. She is so creative! Today the students learned all about John Henry and they worked in this super cute Folk Heroes book that Miss Sullivan created.

6. When I got home today, I joined my cat for a little nap!

7. I spent some time searching the Internet for blog resources to send to one of my best friends. I have known Hailey my entire life. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She has just started a blog to document the life of her son, Easton. This is one of my favorite photos of Easton… I just love that little boy so much!

8. My husband is out-of-town tonight so my dinner consisted of Frosted Flakes! Wish him luck tomorrow… He is in Birmingham, AL to take the Professional Engineering exam. Just looking at his sample problems made my head hurt!

9. Every night I watch reruns of my favorite TV show… The Big Bang Theory. I just love Sheldon Cooper… He is hilarious!

10. I love reading all of my favorite blogs using NewsRack. I downloaded this program from the Mac App Store.

11. Chat time! I have sent off my National Board Certification portfolio, but I’m not done yet! hosts nightly chats to prepare us candidates for the Assessment Center exercises that I will take in June.

12. Time for bed! I’m off to read my book Shopaholic and Baby. Sophie Kinsella is my favorite author. My goal is to read ALL of her books… I’m almost done with the complete Shopaholic series!

What did you do today? Can you think of 12 things? If you have a blog, link up at Doodle Bugs Teaching. If not, just leave a comment below!



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    I love the Shopaholic books too! However, I don’t think I have read the baby one. I read so many books! It is hard to remember what I have and have not read.

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    I am guilty of taking a nap with my cat many afternoons!

    and… I am guilty of eating Frosted Flakes many, many nights!

    Thank you so much for joining my linky party!! Please come back next month too!

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    ….. and your blog design is just precious! I love the airplane!

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    i LOVE your blog!

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