Class Dojo!

My friend Caroline recently introduced me to a wonderful classroom resource, Class Dojo! Class Dojo is an online tool for managing student behavior. The students can earn positive behavior points toward classroom rewards and they can also lose behavior points for off-task behavior. Each student must earn 20 behavior points in order to receive a reward.

The students may earn positive behavior points for: participation, helping others, creativity, stating an interesting point, hard work, working well with others, wonderful hallway manners, neat handwriting, working quietly at their center, being an excellent reader, being an amazing mathematician, being ready to learn, following directions, and being quiet as a mouse.

The students may lose behavior points for: disrupting others, being disrespectful, interrupting when someone is speaking, being out of their chair/area, talking in the hallway, yelling out, too much talking, or not following directions.

[br] The students have responded wonderfully to this new behavior management system. I put the Class Dojo screen on the SmartBoard while the students are working. They love to hear the sounds as they earn positive behavior points! Every now and then, when a student loses a point it is a quick reminder for them to get back on-task.

If you are a teacher {or parent} and would like to use Class Dojo please click here to create your account!



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    Hi – Kalen from ClassDojo here! Thank you so much for the great blog post! I’ve shared with the team and we all really appreciate the support 🙂

    If anyone who comes across this post ever has any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out –


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