Halloween Hoopla!

Our class had so much fun during Halloween this year! We were excited for cool Fall weather, pumpkins, and all of the excitement that comes with Halloween.

To begin the excitement, we created a Pumpkin Glyph. A glyph is a pictograph that uses pictures or other features/attributes to show information and data. The students created their Pumpkin Glyph based on various criteria including: age (even or odd), Halloween plans, costume, feelings about Halloween (like, love, don’t like) and favorite Halloween treat. Click here to download the Pumpkin Glyph directions.

On Halloween, the students got to dress-up as their favorite story-book character. We had Harry Potter, Miss Frizzle, a vampire, cowboy, and Pinkalicious visit our classroom!

We also had a super fun Halloween treat brought in by one of our fabulous room moms, Beth Lloyd. She made Halloween Chex Mix for snack and brought by some fun activity pages!


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