Thank You Soldier!

Our school is participating in The Bert Show’s Big Thank You! The Bert Show is encouraging schools, churches, businesses, neighborhoods, children, teenagers, and adults to write a heart-felt thank you letter to a Soldier.

During the Holiday Season this year, there will be more than 400,000 troops deployed overseas. The Big Thank You wants to ensure that each Soldier receives a thank you letter from someone on Thanksgiving Day.

Our school set a goal of 2,011 letters. For those of you that know Mableton Elementary, you know that we are a tiny school of only 450 students. This goal definitely proved to be a challenge for us. Our class was very excited to participate in the letter writing and we made our own class goal of 100 letters!

To introduce the campaign to the students, I read the book Hero Dad by Melinda Hardin. We discussed what the Soldiers might feel like as they are away from their family. We talked about how these Soldiers are also moms, dads, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. We also discussed the sacrifices that these men and women make every day in order to ensure our freedom and keep us safe.

As we began our letter writing, this was the perfect time to use Erica Bohrer’s letter writing printables! We wrote letters and drew pictures for Morning Work, during Daily 5 for Work on Writing, for Homework, and as early-finisher work! The students worked really hard and wrote some very heart-felt letters! I printed labels with our class name and blog address to affix to each letter. We are hoping to hear from the Soldiers who receive our letters!

We were so proud that we exceeded our class goal. We wrote 164 letters! Our school also exceeded the goal of 2,011 letters… As a whole, our school sent in over 2,400 letters to The Bert Show’s Big Thank You!



  1. 1

    What a wonderful idea! I am so glad that you could use my printables.

    Erica Bohrer’s First Grade

  2. 2

    Lucas did a great job! – Ana

    Those are pretty soldier letters! – Mikaylah

    I like the book we read! – Mary Elizabeth

    I loved doing the soldier letters! – Lucas

    I love the website! – Clay

    Lucas’ picture looks awesome! – Daniel

    The soldiers are nice! – Cristian

    Thank you for keeping us safe! – Giselle

    Thank you for saving us and keeping us free. – Noah

  3. 3

    Thank you for keeping us safe! – Giselle

    Thank you for saving us and keeping us free. – Noah

    Lucas’ picture looks awesome! – Daniel

    Writing soldier letters is super fun! – Lucas

    I loved the book we read! – Mary Elizabeth

    Soldiers are nice! – Crisitian

    Thank you soldiers for everything! – Qunicy

  4. 4
    Jane Gower says:

    This is from Mary ELizabeth.

    l love your website mis mCclure love mary Elizabeth

  5. 6

    anay – i like your pictr (picture) from giselle

  6. 7

    lucas’ pictr (picture) – i love your sojrledr (soldier letter)


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