Apple Graphing!

Happy Fall everyone! Our class took the CoGAT test last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. After all of that testing, we needed some fun!

We read a story about Johnny Appleseed and then discussed the types of apples that we know about. We then looked at, touched, smelled, and tasted a Granny Smith apple and a Red Delicious Apple.

The students had to draw a picture of each apple and then after taste-testing check whether they liked it or not.

We then created a graph on the SmartBoard of which apple we liked the best. The students then created their own graph based on our data.

We enjoyed this activity and loved tasting the apples! Apples are just one of the many things we love about Fall. What is your favorite activity to do during this season?


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    Mrs. McClure the apples taste so good.

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