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Well, I can’t believe it is already the middle of September! Where did the month of August go? We are entering our 5th week of school and are finally settling into our daily routine. I have the sweetest class this year! I am SO excited to post about our journey together!

I have moved grade levels!

I taught 2nd grade at my school last year and my wonderful principal allowed me to move back to First Grade! First Grade is where I began my teaching career seven years ago (I can’t believe those kids are 7th graders!) and it is my absolute favorite grade to teach! I moved classrooms and spent the end of July and beginning of August painting and setting up the classroom. This is the last year that we will be in our sweet, little school so I painted my classroom green and I LOVE how it turned out. We are getting excited about moving into our brand new building next Fall. The builders are working away behind our school every day!

Here is a little tour… These pictures were taken before the first day of school so the walls are a little bare!

Our entryway and part of our reading center.

Our whole group meeting area and Calendar board.

Our reading center… Books are organized by theme, but I plan to re-organize them this year by levels A-Z.

Our small group area and my desk (sorry for the mess!). I found the stools at Target before my first year of teaching. They have really held up well over the years. The kids love the hula skirts on the stools!

View from the back of our classroom. The palm tree is our DRA Data Board. The students get to watch their monkey climb the tree all year as they progress in their reading level. The coconuts are labeled A-J.

My paraprofessional’s desk area and Math materials.

I purchased these chair pockets from Happi Nappi. I have been VERY happy with them so far. They are very durable and have a deep pocket so items do not fall out. These are by far, the best that I have ever used!

You are O-Fish-Ally a 1st Grader! During Sneak-a-Peek, I had each child a goodie bag of Swedish Fish waiting for them at their desk.

Student-Parent Handbook and goodie bag. Teachers, see below to download for next year… I used a circle punch to cut them out and then pasted them onto a 4-inch scalloped circle.


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    M.E. was so happy to show me her picture on the website! She is enjoying using your ‘Just for Kids’ page to go to her favorite sites. It is great as a parent to have this resource. I love the classroom too. It is so cute!!!!!!!

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    Heather Daniell says:

    Clay and I just looked at the pictures. So cute! We love the classroom too. You did a great job.

  3. 3

    the classroom looks so nice.

  4. 4

    Love your classroom! So adorable!

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